“Claire and Kenny started SIMPLR Steam because they have an authentic love for STEAM.  Maurice, the owner and instructor, took what could have been a complex concept for little learners and tailored his lessons to meet the needs and interests of these young scientists.“

Jasilika, Parent


“SIMPLR makes STEAM education FUN.  Both my children- my 5 year old and my 10 year old have a capacity and confidence around STEAM education because of SIMPLR. My daughter has made her own electric circuit, 3D printing glasses, flying drone competitions, etc her inquisitiveness and confidence in the STEAM subjects comes from her weekly education!”

Natasha, Parent of kindergartener and 5th grader

Making My Lightsaber

“I liked changing the color of my lightsaber - dark blue and green. I also liked that you could also battle with it because it was made out of really strong plastic - it wasn't just for decorations. Learning about Star Wars weapons was really fun!  And watching the Star Wars videos about light sabers helped me to learn about the first generation of light sabers.”

Anderson, 3rd grader

Make Learning Fun

“Both my son and daughter are regulars at the Friday night SIMPLR playground. They both enjoy it so much they come running home from school asking if they can go each week and they always come home with stories about how much fun they had and what they played with or created. I would recommend SIMPLR to everyone!”

Anne, Parent