Top Gun Drone Pilot Lab

The Drone lab teaches kids about the science of flight and how quadcopters (also know as drones) fly. Students also learn about the basic mechanics of multi-rotor vehicles. This labs concludes with an obstacle course competition with the fastest time receiving a special prize!


build your own lightsaber

Children build Lightsabers just like young Jedi do! Along the way, they learn about electronics, basic machining, and the ways of the Jedi. This class is very engaging and finds ways to add literacy activities too.


r2-d2 soda can battlebots

Children build the most famous robot to ever exist, R2D2. They also learn about the fundamentals of robotics and ultimately build  Soda Can R2D2 robot to compete in the Battlebot arena! This labs concludes with a competition for the title of Battlebot Champion.


iron man and the engineering design process

Did you know that Tony Stark (Iron Man) is an engineer? In this lab, we learn about the Engineering Design Process and how Tony Stark used it to create the Iron Man suits. We also learn about 3D printing and use 3D pens to develop prototypes for Iron Man’s newest suit.

how to solve the rubik's cube

Solving the Rubik’s Cube is considered to be a task reserved only for geniuses. Not anymore. In this lab we learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube using the beginner’s method. The Cube is the perfect exercise machine for developing spatial visualization– a foundational skill in STEAM fields.

Inventing for superheroes

Most superheroes have gadgets, lairs, and vehicles but at some point they were simply ideas in an inventor’s head. In this lab we learn how to design gadgets, vehicles, and inventions for our most notable superheroes and villains using a user-centered design approach.

And Many More...