A Makerspace for kids! (grades 3-8)

The SIMPLR STEAM Playground is a makerspace for kids! It's a membership-based environment equipped with 3D printers, electronics, robotics, and much more. Members have access to homework help, all of our tools and machines, and most importantly our project bank. Kids earn points and badges by completing projects that are designed to teach them how to use the machines and materials while giving them the creative freedom to express themselves with their designs/creations. 

The Playground also serves as a club for creative kids. We have video games, robots, VR headsets, and much more of the latest tech toys and gadgets that inspire awe. 

Your child can use The Playground for the number of hours specified by their membership level (see below). Feel free to drop your child off and pick them up when they're ready!

Membership Levels:

(all memberships require a $35 yearly registration fee)

– Gray [3hrs]: $30 ($10 per hour)

– Blue [5hrs]: $45 ($9 per hour)

– Orange [10hrs]: $80 ($8 per hour)

Note: Included in all memberships:

  • Homework help (available daily from 5-6pm)
  • Access to monthly makerspace projects
  • 20% discount on all weekend workshops/classes
  • Fun, creative learning environment 

Our Staff

The Playground is staffed by college students majoring in STEAM fields such as chemical engineering and biology. They're trained to use all of the machines and serve as mentors to the members. We also employ students from local high schools. 

Sample Projects

(Projects are rolled out on a monthly basis. Below is a sampling of future projects.)


Code Cadets: Intro. to Apple's Swift Playgrounds

Get started with Apple's own programming language, Swift! This project prepares learners to tackle any programming challenge from robotics to websites to iOS apps.


Augmented Reality Gaming

Learn the basics of Augmented Reality (AR) and then play! This project introduces learners to the fundamentals of AR and how it will change the ways we interact with technology. Designing, shopping, and social media will all be improved by AR. This project will expose learners to AR enhanced laser tag, first-person AR gaming headsets, and much more in the “gaming” realm. 


Code Cadets: Droid Programming 

After learning the basics of Swift Programming, we use those skills to program robots, also known as droids, to accomplish tasks and to compete. Each week will focus on a different droid design which will require building, programming and competing in groups.


Game of Drones: Building

The third and final project of our Game of Drones series dives deep into the designing, building, and programming of drones. We learn about all of the components required to build a drone from scratch and their function. In addition, we’ll build a large frame drone from scratch and program it to give it default flight characteristics. Weather permitting, we’ll also get outside and take to the skies with our scratch-built drones.


Introduction to LEGO Boost Robotics

Lego recently released a new robotics kit called Boost! In this project, we'll explore the new kit and build Vernie, the Lego Boost mascot. Once built, we'll program Vernie to accomplish tasks. This project will provide a foundation for deeper learning about robotics, programming, and mechanical assembly.

Level K: Young Engineer’s Cornucopia (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

Level K classes introduce young engineers to the awe-inspiring technology of today. Each class is structured to teach the students about the science behind the technology and give them an opportunity to get “hands-on” with each. Designed with the young learner in mind, Level K sets a solid foundation for deeper exploration in the subsequent learning levels.

Note: Students will receive binders along with weekly hand-outs for each lab. These hand-outs will allow students to deepen their conceptual and technological knowledge and skills.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Drones

Human Programming

Introduction to Robotics

Posters and Paper Circuitry

Electrical Circuits 2.0

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

3D Printing

Many More!