Ahhh, the flying car! Weren't we supposed to have them by now? We've got planes and we've got cars- it would seem like a simple enough engineering feat to combine the two in some way and voila--a flying car! But that's not the case. Why not?

The simplest answer has to do with safety. DRIVING cars on land is dangerous enough. Now imagine the danger when you put a car in the air! Human error accounts for 90% of road accidents. Translate that statistic to air travel and you can understand why flying cars have been slow to evolve. 

Despite the inherent dangers of FLYING cars and the lack of progress in that arena, it's actually the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), battery efficiency, and drone technology that have reignited the race for ubiquitous air travel. Even Uber has a flying vehicle division. 

Once you remove the human from the flying car equation it becomes a feasible endeavor. Artificially intelligent flight systems will ferry us from point A to point B in single passenger drones along preplanned flight paths. In my opinion, we will have fully autonomous drone flights before we have fully autonomous driving vehicles. 

Why we teach kids about Drones. 

Drones are the future of transportation - for humans as well as cargo. That statement alone is reason enough to justify teaching children about drones. But it doesn't stop there. We at SIMPLR see drones as an Inspirational technology. The type of technology that can inspire a new generation of innovators. Children are immediately drawn to drones and we leverage that interest to introduce them to physics, robotics, and programming. Stop by and see us today- I promise your child will be inspired!